Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who created Autotrade Gold 5.0?

    The system is developed and supported by PT. SARANA DIGITAL INTERNASIONAL from Indonesia.

  • The bot generate between 13 and 20% monthly profits automatically! Combine that with the power of compounding and you can dramatically increase your investment over the longer term.

  • The robot carries out one to two daily trades and has a Stop Loss of 3% to insure your capital and minimize the risks. You will therefore not be able to lose more than 3% per day, which has never happened. AutoTrade Gold is very well programmed, it is undoubtedly one of the best robots to generate passive income in the medium / long term.

  • Since your capital is 100% available, withdrawals and deposits can be made whenever you want. No profit sharing, the profits made belong to you 100%.

  • The size of the positions taken by the robot varies automatically depending on the capital available on the trading account.