Auto Trade Gold 5.0

Initial deposit 2021-01-04 $10000.00. Current balance 2022-07-01 $160377.16

AutoTrade Gold 5.0 is an Indonesian trading robot focused on the gold market. Its objective is a daily gain of between 0,5% and 1,5% on your capital. This robot trades in a scalping mode and opens only one position at a time. You can never lose more than 3% per day. If the bot records a loss, it will try to make up for the loss during the day with a second trade.

Automated trading

No trading skills required
No trading software
No installation

Only One trade per day

No averaging
No martingale
No floating

Trading for Everyone

Start with no experience
Start with 250 USD

Proven performance

Consistent monthly results
Low 2% drawdown

Passive Income

Funds are not locked
Withdraw funds at any time
2K daily limit for security

Daily Alert

Be always updated when the trade is opened and closed on telegram

Licence fees

There is a one-time licence fee for the auto trading.
The licence can be upgraded, i.e. you will only pay the difference between the current licence and the future licence.

Level 1

one time

  • Trading amount:
    $100 to $500
  • Lot Size: 0.01 – 0.05
  • Free VPS
  • No Profitshare

Level 3

one time

  • Trading amount:
    $100 to $30000
  • Lot Size: 0.01 – 3
  • Free VPS
  • No Profitshare

Level 4

one time

  • Trading amount:
    $100 to $1000000
  • Lot Size: 0.01 – 100
  • Free VPS
  • No Profitshare

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Trading financial products on margin carries a high degree of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Losses can exceed the initial investment. Please ensure you fully understand the risks and take appropriate care to manage your risk.